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  • Abi Terry

Get to know the Green Claims Codes

Updated: May 22, 2023

So, what are the green claims? Green claims are sometimes called environmental claims or eco-friendly claims. They are claims that show how a product, service, brand or business provides a benefit or less harmful impact on the environment. So, the green claims code for shoppers (published in 2021) are:

1. Do not just trust slogans or vague terms

Phrases such as ‘green’, all ‘natural’ and ‘eco’ sound nice but they do not provide a clear meaning. Be wary of claims that are not easily defined or supported. Business should make it easy for you to know how they provide benefits or less harmful impacts to the environment. If you aren’t sure, check the ingredients and research anything you are not familiar with.

2. Look for evidence to support a claim

If you are unsure if a claim is legitimate check by reading the small print on the website. It should not be difficult to find proof behind these claims. Also look for reputable certifications symbols which indicate alliances with environment standard schemes.

3. Look past appearances

Images of wildlife or a logo with a leaf or use of green or natural tones can easily convince you that you’re making an environmentally friendly choice. However, when you look a little closer this may not be the case. Don’t rely on marketing, read the full description.

4. Don’t forget the disposal

Think about what you will do with the packaging and the product when you have finished with it. It should be clear how to dispose of both the product and its packaging.

5. Think about the bigger picture.

A brand/company may claim to be environmentally friendly, but this doesn’t mean all its elements, or its overall impact are positive for the environment.


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