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  • Abi Terry

“Where can you rent clothes for the upcoming party seasons?”

Do you ever feel the need to buy something new for every occasion? Do you feel the buzz when you have that new item, and you can’t wait to wear it? Do you always want to try new styles? Well, this article will explain how you can do so in a more sustainable way!

As we head into the party seasons with holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and of course finishing with the New Year, you may be tempted to buy a new outfit for every occasion, whatever you celebrate. However, have you ever thought about the impact this has on the planet? If all 67 million people in the UK brought 3 new outfits for these occasions, to be worn once and never again, there would be tons and tons of new clothing dumped each year - in fact, it costs about £140million pounds each year (E.Waite-Taylor, 2022, Independent), and this is only looking at the UK holiday seasons. So, take a minute and think, do you really need a new outfit for this holiday, or can you wear something from a previous year?

This can be easier said than done for many individuals who have this deep desire to feel new and therefore have something new - this consumer culture has become deeply embedded in our society. However, there are other alternatives. You can still meet these desires but without costing the planet. There are many different places now where you can rent party outfits and return them. This is not only beneficial for the planet, but also gives you the opportunity to try out something that you may not normally wear, without breaking the bank. This plays on the excitement of consuming that sits so deep within us, whilst saving your precious money!

Some of these different rental platforms include: (E.Waite-Taylor, 2022, Independent).

pre-loved clothing – Endless Wardrobe,

So, explore the possibilities and find a site that works for you and your style. I could go through each and every one of them, but each site works in a slightly different way with different things on offer, so have fun and explore - think of it as window shopping!


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